Icebreaker | Returns UX

My time at icebreaker has been spent on a variety of projects. A lot of very small ones and a few large ones. This one was the biggest of them all. The returns process at icebreaker is/was a huge beast. A time-draining black hole for our customers and our CS team. The returns redesign aimed at saving time and frustration for everyone on both ends. What was once a complicated and confusing mess of steps was slowly melded into a streamlined and easy-to-follow process. Complete with a simplified user flow, and drastically improved UI, the whole experience is a lot less intense and confusing as it was before.

I don't have any specific metrics to share like I did on the Checkout UX project, but suffice to say everyone involved in icebreaker product returns have had much less headaches.

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This one is a beast to cull down into a short story of sorts...
but check back later for the full story if you're interested.