El Paso

Sometimes quick-fire projects can be thrilling. This was one of them. El Paso had a dire need to revamp their website. Their homepage had a million links (ok, a little less than that) and the design was straight out of the 90's. With a quick 2 week turnaround, the goal was to generate some buzz for a full redesign so they could secure the budget for it. This project had (almost) no limits. No restrictive style guide or anyone telling us exactly what they wanted. Just make it better. And so, we did—I like to think.

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The final deliverable was to have 3 very different options in pixel-perfect visual design, each showing the homepage design as well as an interior page. Lo-and-behold, our team consisted of 3 visual designers, each of us would eventually take on our own single design direction. But first, together we determined 3 different themes to sketch for. We dubbed those: "Search Based", "Exploratory", and "Editorial". Here, you'll see a sketch I did for each of those directions.


We drew from a hat to see who would take each theme, and fate gave me "Editorial". Focusing the content on story, this was my first take at the direction. I soon realized that though the content was very editorial-esque, the visual style just wasn't quite there yet. Not to worry, that's why the design process is there. Nobody has the perfect solution on the first go, right?


After a few iterations on color, fonts, and content treatment, we landed on this for my take. I brought in a serif typeface (very editorial, no?) opened it all up a bit by adding a good deal more white space, and refined some content interactions. During the final presentation, the client was very receptive to this design. Though they preferred certain aspects of each other the 3 different designs, I was pleased to hear that most of the stakeholders connected most with this visual direction. Yay!


After establishing the visual language of the homepage, I created this interior page design. It includes a subnav for the department and uses similar styles and interaction patterns as the homepage.